Online dating, like any dating game, is a competition. You have to be competent and stay competent to win your guy.

To make an edge in the dating game, women should provide an attractive but concrete profile. Yes, creating a good profile online helps gain one step forward against your competitors. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of women who are doing their profile all wrong. So to realize what should be done in coming up with a “competent profile”, below are 10 mistakes women commonly make in the online dating scene:

1. Posting photos from different stages in your life.
You may think this is interesting: Photo 1 is about your out-of-the-county vacation last 1990. The second photo is you in your college days. And the third photo is you with some friends at someone’s house. The problem with posting different photos like this one is it only posts confusion. Online dating profiles are NOT A PHOTO ALBUM profile so you do not need to post photos from the old days. What you need are photos taken currently. Take note that men first look at your photos without even reading your profile.

2. Avoid negativity.
Do not say you don’t like finding someone who likes one night stands or you don’t entertain men who cheated in the past. You do not want everyone reading all these unless you wanted to say “keep out”.

3. Do not lie about your body type.
Online dating is another medium to get to know someone. This is not a way to lie about things you cannot hide. Lying about your physical appearance can ruin someone’s trust and time as well. So stop lying just to impress and get down to the truth.

4. Do not lie about your age either.
Lying about the real age is another common mistake women make. If you are looking for a lasting relationship, you must practice honesty. This is an exercise one should take effort in doing even in the first stages of dating.

5. Photos without you on it.
Never post pictures without you on it. For example, you had a vacation recently and posted some beautiful scenes but without one with you on it?! Posting photos without you on it is not at all interesting. This is a BIG NO.

6. Short and simple.
Women tend to talk long and use many words. You can clearly see this trait too on their online profiles. Avoid having long paragraphs. Just keep it short and straight to the point.

7. Do not draw too many expectations.
It is common in women’s profiles to see some of these: “I want a man who can keep up with me.”, “I dream of a guy who is sweet and caring”, or “My man should be able to understand me”. Things like these show that you are a receiver and not a giver. Women should think that men do not want women who ask too much ahead.
8. Do not list your financial needs either.
This is tacky don’t you think. But many women are doing it on their profiles. They wanted a man who can give them all they want. They need a man who can take them around the world. Things like these only make you look like a good-digger.

9. Do not open up “family matters”.
Do not jump ahead and write about your future plans like you wanting to have babies someday and be a good wife. Men are not ready yet on this kind of subjects. You will only scare them away when they read one in your profile.

10. Stop creating rules.
“My man should be tall”, “He must know that I love white roses”, “My date should wear a suit”, etc. Do not lay down rules on your profile. Be open-minded to different kind of people. You will never know the other side once you get to see and experience them first.

Source by Mary Ann Tordecilla