The warm weather causes employees to wear less during the summer season. But a line should be drawn between dressing for comfort and inappropriate office attire. It would be distracting to see an officemate clad in a Hawaiian polo and shorts off to a client meeting right?. Though office dress code varies in different companies, below are 10 essential tips on how dress to beat the summer heat while maintaining a professional look in your workplace.

1. As I have mentioned dress codes varies from industries, corporate cultures, etc, so a good advice is to gauge the level of formality by observing how your boss and supervisors dress in the office. You can follow what they usually wear during this season and tweak it a little by adding proper accessories.

2. The hazy lazy mode of summer doesn’t mean you can be a slob. Make sure that your clothes are clean and pressed. It’s a must for all work season.

3. Light fabrics are in! You can layer several light fabrics made of silk, cotton, linen, etc. to be comfortable under the heat and the office air conditioner. Remember, if you wear clothes with light fabrics, check your undergarments under lighting and make sure it doesn’t show.

4. No flip flops, keep in until your next visit to the beach. Clean your feet and toenails if you will reveal it in your shoes or sandals and please. Ladies, no chipped polish please and gentlemen, please wear socks with your loafers or shoes no matter how hot it is.

5. Summer business causal clothing do not include pieces such as short shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops, halters, low-cut or sheer blouses and jogging suits. Period.

6. Even if you dress down, remember to keep a jacket or blazer handy to cover you up when your boss or an important client calls for an emergency meeting.

7. And for men and women,if you’re not sure what your office style is, look to the most successful person and use the way he or she dresses as a guide to how you should dress.

8. Do not wear t-shirts especially those that screams offensive graphics and print.

9.Women should keep in mind the appropriate length of skirts and lieu away from clothes that reveals too much. You are going to a workplace so don’t embarrass yourself and distract the male population through such clothes.

10. Lastly, choose your clothes wisely. If you look in the mirror and you feel like your going to the office then your attire is okay!

Remember that this summer, you can have fun in your clothes but at the same time appear competent in your workplace.

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