If you’ve been attempting to “beat the bulge” by dieting and exercising, but can’t seem to find something that works and lasts, you’ll want to start using these 3 simple healthy eating tips today.

As a Personal Trainer, I’ve been witness to the stories told by clients of their hard work in the gym and their struggles outside of the health club. It’s true, the other 23 hours of the day that you aren’t in the gym can completely overwhelm the efforts you’ve put into exercise, especially when it comes to choices of nutrition.

The following tips are those that have been most successful for my clients and athletes in overcoming some of their damaging nutritional habits.

<b>Healthy Eating Tip #1</b>

Don’t drink your calories – Okay, so we don’t eat liquids, but they are a critical part of your overall nutrition. If you have never looked at the nutrition label on the side of even a small bottle of juice, I am sure you would be surprised to find that the figures for calories and for carbohydrates (basically sugars) are through the roof, especially when you consider the servings per container.

Although some juices do contain a good amount of vitamin quality, it is usually not enough to offset the influx of calories that you’ll be taking in. The important point to remember is that these calories are “empty calories” and won’t be used effectively by your body as fuel to help build muscle or to burn fat.

Water is almost always your best choice.

<b>Healthy Eating Tip #2</b>

“Surround” Yourself with Healthy Snacks – Don’t literally surround yourself with snack food (you might eat it all), but do take a look at what is included in your snacking options. Are there lots of high calorie, high sugar foods? Or do you have a healthier mix of fruits and vegetables stored within reach?

What I’ve found is that if there is a bag of chips anywhere in the house, I’ll eventually find it and I’ll eat it. Most people are the same.

<b>Healthy Eating Tip #3</b>

If you enjoying eating at restaurants for any meal of the day, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you may have found that individual servings could often feed a family.

Instead of forcing yourself through the appetizers, main course and dessert, ask for part of each course to be wrapped up right away. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy some smaller portions and you’ll have some tasty leftovers for the next day. It’s a win-win. Oh yeah, it helps, too if you order something nutritious in the first place!

<b>Sticking To It</b>

One of the reasons that people give up on their goals is because of a lack of results. Oftentimes, a lack of results stems from a lack of consistency. To help keep consistent, try printing out this article. Post it on your fridge or somewhere in your office as a reminder of 3 simple healthy eating tips that will put you on the path to fitness and nutrition success.

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Source by David I. Bohmiller, BS, NSCA-CSCS