As your kids go back to school, crazy schedules challenge your ability to keep up and mountains of school paperwork begin to take over your home. There are some simple home organization tips and strategies to help you keep track of it all and keep your home in order.

1. Make a master schedule. It is a lot easier to keep track of everyone if there is just one place in your home where everyone’s schedule lives. My personal preference on this one is having a whiteboard calendar where I can easily put in appointments and erase them as necessary. If everyone in your family has a different color on the calendar that can help keep straight who is where. This is one of my favorite home organization tips because it helps immediately streamline scheduling for the whole family.

2. Create some organizational routines into everyone’s day. Taking time every day to get organized is a great habit to instill into your kids. Take some time to help them organize their schoolwork projects. Help them figure out how they need to plan out their day and their week so they can get everything done that they need to do. Who knows, with this home organization tip, maybe you will even pick up some things that will help keep you organized every day.

3. Make sure that schoolwork that comes into your home has a place to go. Because if it does not, chances are that it will end up in all sorts of odd and unusual places in your home. If you want to keep clutter at bay, this is one of those vital home organization tips. You need to make sure that your kids know where their schoolwork belongs and what the consequences are if it is found elsewhere in your home. Making sure that schoolwork has a place in your home will save you headaches and wasted time looking for schoolwork at the last minute in the morning.

4. Have a “needs action” board or place in your home. If your kids need permission slips signed, a doctor’s note, a picture for a class project, money for lunch, etc, having a board or place where all of these kinds of things live is a great time saver. Make it a house rule that everyone checks the board daily. That way you can make sure that you kids get what they need from you and you do not have to try to track them down to get them what they need. Home organization tips like these can not only be great time savers but also help eliminate last minute headaches for you and your kids.

Source by Jill Borash