I of course love weddings. The best part of a wedding to me is when I see the bride in her wedding gown. Hear are some tips to think about before purchasing your bridal gown. One should not try to purchase a gown just because it is trendy. Five-to-10 years down the road you’ll be happy that you didn’t because you’ll realize that everyone else wore the same gown. Start by staying true to your heart and who you are when looking for a bridal gown.

Always consider your proportions when you’re looking at accessories. If you’re a smaller size woman you may not want a full length cathedral veil. Another tip to remember is you should never want to wear something that outshines you. When looking for accessories don’t purchase accessories that will be overwhelming you will want your family and friends to see a balanced and beautiful bride.

If you’re looking for shoes remember to get something comfortable if you are wearing the same pair all night . There are a lot of really great fun styles you can change into, like flip-flops’ with little crystal rhinestones or even the flat ballet slippers.

If you like the style of romance the designer Elana Donovan Mauer works with the dream style type of gowns. Her gowns will make you feel like a princess. If you want to add a splash of color to your gown. Alfred Angelo is a great place to start. The Alfred Angelo collection has over 55 shades for your sash , trim, or accent on your train.

If you like the look and feel of being a Diva. You will like the look of the Debi gowns. The Debi gowns won the Desert Rose awards in 2006. These are some very stunning bridal gowns.

For something elegant and sweet the Justin Alexander gowns by Debi. will make a new bride look soft and sensual. Remember to just take your time start early when you’re looking for your special gown. First start with some of the more well known bridal Guides first. Next cut out a picture of the gowns that you favor. Next go to your local bridal salon to look at the look gown and start to try on different gowns to see how they look against your figure. When trying on bridal gowns you should start at least a year to nine months looking for that special look that you want to achieve for your special wedding day. Remember also that your accessories will be just as important. One may want be creative and design your own accessories for your own special day. If you start early enough you should be able to find some great bargains that can save you money to do this.

Please remember that many custom-ordered wedding dresses require as much as three to six months for delivery, and fittings may take another month or two. Even if you buy a gown right off the rack, it will still take time to have it altered, so you must keep your time frame in mind when shopping. If you’re submitting a portrait to your local newspaper along with your wedding announcement, your gown will need to be ready even earlier, since most newspapers require photos four to six weeks in advance. We at the best wedding dress guide hope that you have found this helpful.

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