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What 2,000 calories looks like – video

The FDA recommends that we eat a balanced diet of 2000 calories a day. Some days we do a better job passing on the...

Calorie Countdown Challenge – video

Who's better at guessing the calories of food items? GMM #1045! Thanks to Amazon Echo for sponsoring this episode! To get your own Amazon...

7 Day Waist Slimming Challenge – Are you up for the...

7 Day Waist Slimming Challenge - Are you up for the challenge?: Source by OliviaJohanson1

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss – Maintain Your Body Diet

Apple cider vinegar weight loss has been used for centuries. It is a natural way to lose weight, and it also has several health...

Sweet Cayenne

Enjoy Chick-fil-A the healthy way with these meal options for 500 calories or less. From sweetcayenne.com Source by SweetCayenne5

Before & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation – video

My Weight Loss Guide & Meal Plan http://www.rawtillwhenever.com/clean-lean ☆ SUBSCRIBE to our Tiny House Channel ... source

How Much Of These Healthy Snacks Rack Up To 100 Calories?

Healthy snacks that are 100 calories Source by huffingtonpost

100 LBS WEIGHT LOSS | and then some – video

Instagram: @graciesjourney -"GRACE30" gives you 30% off Motiv8 Performance Supplements (preworkouts, aminos, detox, protein..) ONLY with this link: ... source

Top 10 Foods With Shocking Low Calories – video

For those looking for a light snack that isn't full of sugar or salt this list is for you. Most Amazing Top 10 presents...

What Exactly is a Calorie?

I know that all of you have seen the word calorie many times over by this point, but how many of you have actually...


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