Child behaviour or should I say child misbehavior? When you have to deal with temper tantrums, meltdowns, verbal and physical aggression, ADHD, ODD, you begin to wonder what on earth made you decide to become a parent and you start thinking that military schools are the answer! Here are 7 parenting tips to help you get though the jungle alive.

First Tip. Your child refuses to eat what you have prepared or wants something else. Avoid over-reacting or punishment. If you do that, the child will soon realise that this little tantrum gets results and is a further way he or she will have of controlling you and getting what he wants every time. The sooner you stop the tantrum the better because prolonging it will give it too much importance. In learning some behavior modification techniques, you can really avoid getting into power struggles over food.

Second Tip. Stick to regular mealtimes and routines. Tantrums are usually triggered by tiredness or hunger so regular events and schedules help avoid temper outbursts. Also avoid outings near mealtimes because that could trigger a tantrum or meltdown.

Third Tip. If your child is tending to obesity, try and vary this diet without telling him. Most kids are getting only one ‘five- a- day’ instead of the recommended five portions of fruit and veg. That means adding veggies to a hamburger which could be extra broccoli or carrots all chopped up. You can do the same with a pizza dish adding in luscious tomatoes and or peppers. They will not even notice but at least you are giving them healthier food without banning their favourite, pizzas, hamburgers or fries.

Fourth Tip. In dealing with older children or teenagers, build in a little ‘wind-down’ time for both children and yourself. This gives you and your teenager time to relax and get changed. That means, there is a regular time set aside for winding down as soon as you or your child comes back from work or school. It is an established routine and there are no exceptions.

Fifth Tip. If your child suffers from ADHD then he is more likely to be hyperactive as that is the most common type. All the experts agree that doing physical exercise or sports can be a great relief for all parties involved. It burns off some of the hyperactivity, increases the feel good factor and thus affects your mood positively.

Sixth Tip . if your child is misbehaving and being threatened with being suspended from school, forget about sending him to military schools especially if he is only six years old ! You need to establish the rules in your home and help the child to grow into a well balanced responsible adult.

Seventh Tip. Dealing with a bad tantrum or meltdown in the mall. If the child is very young, you can try distracting his attention away from what he wants by doing something funny or unusual. Luckily they have pretty short memories at this age. Children need to understand that tantrums are never going to pay off . You will need to develop other strategies to help the child to react to their frustrations or needs in a more positive way.

These are just a few of the techniques you need to be aware to cope with your child’s behavior in any situation.

Source by Robert William Locke