When I think of the 80’s I think “BIG”. The 80’s were the years of big everything; big hair bands, big earrings and big shoulder pads. Oversized clothes and over the top hair were seen all over.

I was in high school in the mid to late 80;s and so was my husband, but we grew up in different states. I grew up in New Jersey and he grew up in Kentucky. Of course these two states are and were very different in any ways. I think in a lot of respects New Jersey was the epitome of that decade. At clubs, on the boardwalk, at the shore, in malls, Jersey girls could be seen with that big hair and those oversized earrings.

Having visited Kentucky several times during the end of the decade, at least in the hair department, they seemed to be keeping up with us. The females in my husband’s family did have big hair, however they all seemed to be more into the very tight perms, at least more so than my friends and family in New Jersey.

I can’t begin to fathom how much hairspray I must have used, probably at least a can a week. Today, if I wanted to go for that same look, I’m not sure I’d know how. Although I certainly had the oversized hair and earrings and wore my share of cosmetics, I tended to be preppie in my wardrobe.

Proms and homecoming were a time to really go all out. Dresses were in every color of the rainbow. Dye able shoes were quite popular because you of course needed your shoes to match your dress. If you were going to wear a teal dress chances were pretty good you were going to need shoes dyed teal to match.

There were so many fads, parachute pants, leggings and stirrup pants were just a few interesting options. Sweat shirts were oversized and off the shoulder. Leg warmers were another fabulous fashion trend of the 80’s, although I never personally got into them. My oldest daughter dressed up as an 80’s girl for Halloween and called the clothes “vintage”. It was hard to believe that the things I wore in high school were now considered “vintage”. Can you imagine?

Shoes have been an integral part of each decades fashion statement and this was certainly true in the 80’s. I think every girl I know had a pair of white pumps. Flats were big, often adorned with a bow and available in lots of colors. My sister had a pair of Dr. Martens that she wore constantly and all these years later they are still in great shape and not really too different form the Dr. Martens today. Chuck Taylors and Keds were staples in many wardrobes and Chucks came in so many fantastic colors you could always find one you liked. For the preppy people, penny loafers were a must. Surely anyone that grew up in that era also remembers Jelly’s, truly an economical sandal.

The 80’s will always bring back fond memories for me with all of the big hair, fashion and bands. Even if my daughter thinks the 80’s look is “vintage”, it was a truly a great time!

Source by Suzanne Hunt