The weekends are time the whole family can spend together, but everything is so expensive and there just doesn’t seem to be any money left over after the necessities are paid.  And, yet with nothing to do on the weekend, life can get pretty frazzled in a household.

Of course there are always movies.  But, just to bring the family, plan on it costing at least $10 per person.

Finding less expensive outings may take more effort, expending more creativity and planning, but in the end, those efforts will most likely pay off by providing true quality outings with less money out of your pocket.

Here are some inexpensive suggestions that the family might enjoy.

·                     The library has something for everyone in the family. They even carry movies and cd(s).

·                     While you are at the library, look up fun craft projects for the children.

·                     Rent a couple movies and make some popcorn and have a movie night with the family.

·                     There’s always plenty to do at the park. Pack a lunch for everyone, bring a frisbee or ball, and go have some fun.

·                     Check out your local community theatre. There’s usually something interesting playing there. And it would be a different experience the whole family would enjoy.

·                     See if there are any local carnivals or circuses in town. Just make sure you get funnel cakes at the carnival! Yummy!

·                     Most towns have museums which are usually either free or just a few dollars. It’s educational and fun.

·                     Find any local nature trails around town and take a little hike. It’s a good workout and the kids seem to love being in the woods.

·                     See if there are any local frisbee-golf ranges. They are usually found in community parks or woods and are mostly free. It’s a game the whole family will have fun playing, and going through the course can be a bit of adventure, too!  This is a great game for kids to play.

·                     Find a local pool or beach.  Kids can always find ways to have fun in the water.

·                     There are plenty of different things the family can find to do when camping. Anywhere from hikes, s’mores, telling ghost stories, fishing and swimming. There are usually some state parks that only charge around 10 dollars for a spot overnight, and the whole family will have a blast.  Usually camping grounds have pre-planned kids’ activities that you should check into.

·                     Mini-golfing is always fun, and you don’t even need to go to a real range. If you want, you can have fun making your own obstacles in the backyard or at the park. You might even have more fun making the course than you will playing the real game.

·                     Nothing gets children more excited than when you mention the zoo! Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

·                     A local bowling alley offers plenty of fun. It’s a very stress-free game everyone can play while socializing and having fun.

There’s always something to do on the weekends where the whole family can have fun! Just make sure you plan it a few days in advance and let everyone know that’s what they’re doing for the day, make your lunches and grab the sunscreen or any other supplies you need, and go have a fun day!

Source by Chris Lowrey