If you live in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and you neen to find affordable dentures, there’s a good chance that you can save quite a bit of money. One advantage that you have is the amount of competition between dentists in a metropolitan area that size, including major suburbs like Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale and more.

One of the best ways to save money on dentures in Arizona, especially in the Phoenix area, is to join what’s called a “discount dental plan”. These discount plans are not dental insurance, therefore you can actually get assistance when you buy your new dentures by receiving a nice discount, as long as you visit a dentist that participates within the network of the discount plan. Also, because these dentists are giving you discounts on dental care that can be as high as 60% for certain procedures, they do expect payment in full at the time of your visit. Think of it like this. Dental insurance will not pay for any pore-existing condition and your only other alternative is to pay full price out of your own pocket. That discount plan is sounding pretty good all of the sudden huh?

Here is an example of how much you will save by using one of these discount plans. For this example I’m going to use zip code 85250, the Scottsdale, Arizona area.

The average cost nationally for an upper denture is $1250.00 (based on a survey conducted in 2005), but by joining this particular discount plan you’ll only have to pay $518.00. That’s a savings of $732.00!

The cost of joining this plan for an individual is just $119.95 for a full year or $159.95 for an annual family plan. These plans don’t just offer discounts on dentures either. They provide excellent discounts on braces, root canals, crowns, routine dental care, such as cleanings and x-rays and more.

Some discount plans even offer big discounts on cosmetic dentistry!

So if you live in Arizona and are in need of a great deal on new dentures, you should take a couple minutes and see what discount dental plans have to offer you. You may just like what you see.

Source by Joe Stewart