When families consist only of male children, many parents seek to discover how to have a baby girl. This does not in any way detract from the love they feel for their sons, but often come from a deep-rooted need to balance their families.

A few years ago, this was hardly an issue as larger families were commonplace. It was therefore rare for families to consist of children of only one sex. Indeed it was taken for granted that eventually there would be children of both sexes.

Nowadays with the average family consisting of either two or three children, the odds of conceiving male and female children is much less and many parents are simply not prepared to leave something so important to chance.

If you would like to know how to have a baby girl, there are various tips which will help improve the odds. Knowing a few facts about the mechanics of conception means that you can harness this information and put it to use.

The gender of a baby is determined by the sperm. It is well known that female sperm are larger than male sperm and live for longer-up to 5 days in fact. In addition, they are also slower than male sperm. Using this information, it therefore follows that if you have intercourse a few days before ovulation, the male sperm are likely to have died off when the egg is released, leaving the longer surviving female sperm there to fertilize the egg.

Timing is all though-if intercourse is too early, the female sperm will not have survived. Too close to ovulation and the chances of conceiving a boy are increased.

To increase you chances of having a baby girl, you should conceive between 2 and 4 days before ovulation takes place. It is therefore important to know your own cycle and be able to pinpoint when ovulation is likely to occur. If you are wanting to have a female baby, it is not enough to use ovulation predictors though as by the time it produces a “positive” result, your window of conception for a girl will have passed. However, ovulation predictors do have their place and it can often be useful to monitor your cycle for three months before attempting conception as knowing when you are likely to ovulate is key to conceiving a baby of your chosen gender.

To conceive a female baby, intercourse should be avoided altogether for two days prior to ovulation and on the day itself as a faster, male sperm is more likely to reach the egg first.

The position in which intercourse takes place is also thought to be important if you are wanting to know how to have a baby girl. This is because the entrance of the vagina is far more acidic than the area nearer to the cervix. This means that having shallower intercourse, where penetration is not too deep can favor the conception of a girl. Deeper penetration which is more likely to deposit sperm near to the neck of the womb (cervix) is more likely to result in the conception of a male.

A quick internet search will reveal many natural ways to conceive a girl. However, using these in isolation may not give the baby girl you would love to have. However, a systematic approach which combines all possible tried and tested ways will give you the best chance.

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Source by Francesca Hopkins