Wedding is the sweetest and the purest of all relations that a human being shares in his life. It is the bond, which is forever and the bride and the groom are supposed to follow and maintain the sanctity of the bond for life time. Marriage is a bond, in which efforts from both the bride and groom should be made to keep the smooth passage in the relation. First few months or years of marriage are surely full of excitement and curiosity to know each other, but as the time passes, the inquisitiveness of knowing more about the partner fades down and hence leads to a boring and a dull married life. Therefore, both the husband and wife should keep on doing things, which would help in keeping the interest of both the partners alive.

There are many occasions in life, in which a bride and groom can make each other feel special and amazing. Occasions like birthday, anniversaries, special days, are the moments on which one can make his or her partner feel his worth in their life. Its not like that these are the only days, which are to be made special, any day and every day can be converted to an outstanding and a memorable day, which the couple remembers forever. But on the day of some special occasion, there are expectations, which the bride or the groom has from his life partner to make the day memorable for him. Wedding anniversary is the occasion, the happiness and the excitement of which is felt by both the bride and groom. And especially in case of the first wedding anniversary, it’s like an achievement for the couple, as they complete one full year successfully and happily with each other.

The bride and the groom both deserve a wonderful and an astonishing gift to make the day majestic and beautiful. Following are few of the ideas, which a bride or a groom can implement while choosing a gift for his life partner on their wedding anniversary:

v     Jewellery: Diamonds or jewellery are said to be the best friends of a woman, therefore gifting a beautiful diamond set, ring, earring, or even a bracelet to the wife, can turn out to be a great love- filled reaction. Diamonds can also be gifted to the husband, in the form of cough lings or rings, or even these days, guys have started wearing earring in one ear, often called stud, that can also be a good option to gift.

v     Clothes or dresses: Spending an year or more with the life partner, makes the other person aware of the likes and dislikes of the bride or the groom. Therefore, purchasing a dress or an attire of the choice of the life partner, should not be a tough task and surprising the life partner, with the dress or suit, He or she has been wanting to buy for long, certainly, makes the person feel happy and special.

v     Watches or accessories: Good branded watch, both for the bride and groom, can be good option to please the life partner on the marriage anniversary. Accessories like, glairs, shoes, sandals, purse, wallets, etc, are good options for gifting the life partner on the occasion of wedding anniversary.

v     Mobile phones or other technology wonders: With the change in times, people are becoming more of technology freak, they are more interested in items like mobile phones, laptops, games, etc. therefore, gifting products like mobiles, palmtops, business phones, I- pads, I- phones, apple phones, laptop bags, etc can prove to be a great surprise from the life partner.

Ideas like above and much more can be implemented while choosing the gift for the life partner, depending on the choice and need of the person. Such small- small surprises and happy moments, makes the journey of marriage, worth carrying forward and enable the other person mesmerise each moment spent with the life partner.

Source by Gurleen Kaur