One of the many challenges men have is to decide on what positions to use when getting booty. The biggest fears are that the woman will get bored with the “same old, same old” and as a result lose interest in sex. So the question becomes, what are the best sexual positions?

Missionary Position: It’s the typical man-on-top position, with partners facing face to face. To enhance sexual sensation, put a big pillow underneath her back to lift up her buttock. Gently lean forward as you penetrate against her thighs. With this position, you can pamper her some “body love” including eyes contact and body massaging. If your partner is flexible, put her legs on your shoulder

Crouching tiger: women love sex from behind as it can give them the best orgasm they ever had. What’s more: it makes fabulous G-spot orgasm. Here’s how: have her to get on all fours like she normally would in regular Rear Entry position. As you enter her, she arches her back and lowers her upper body. This will ensure the G-spot receive maximum friction to trigger orgasmic response.

Her 68 Position- Similar to the more popular and well known 69 position the sex position know as Her 68 Position has the giver lay down on their back face up while the woman is on top of them facing the same way in a head to toe arrangement. If you are going to get in this position make sure that you have pillow under your head to reduce the risk of neck strain.

Doggy Style:This sexual position allows for maximum penetration and very easy access to her clitoris. All you have to do is reach around her while you penetrate, and there it is. Doggy style also gives the woman the ability to control the speed of thrusting, pushing back or pulling forward as her orgasm gets closer.

Spoon Position: The spoon position is very intimate. The woman lies on her side curled in a semi-fetal position. Her partner lies also on his side curled around her and facing her back. He then enters her vagina from behind. This is a good choice during late pregnancy.

Futon: For this position to work the woman needs to be level with the man’s waist and this can be done by using a piece of furniture such as a table, futon, or bed. The woman’s legs should be either spread apart or wrapped around the man’s waist so that the vagina is placed directly against the groin area.

The Hump of the Camel: The couple both stand, but the woman will lean against a wall or tree, perhaps the frame of a bed. The man will come from behind her as she leans, and find her vagina and fondle it some to make sure it is adequately wet. The man then bends his knees and finds the correct angle to enter the woman.

Source by tim james