Curtains are a fast way to bring new life and color to any room, and now home decorators can create them more quickly and easily than ever. One clever example: simply clip an attractive tablecloth or tea towel onto a rod. Curtains and drapes will give you the more traditional window covering that you can combine with window shades and blinds.

Choosing a great window treatment idea can be a daunting task if you’re not sure where to start.

Measure each window separately and record the measurements on paper. Be sure to check all measurements twice before you purchase a new window treatment. Measuring and installation is available in the Brooklyn, NY area. Measure from the point you’ll hang the shade to the point where you want it to drop. Add an extra two inches to the top portion of the window frame to allow for mounting brackets.

There are many types of window treatments to choose from. Aside from the standard curtains and drapes here are: wood blinds, pleated shades, cellular shades, plantation shutters, aluminum mini blinds, and vertical blinds are only a few of the many options available.

Matchstick and bamboo blinds can be found at many imports stores or on the Internet. Wooden vertical blinds offer a vast choice of different natural and stained colors. The lightweight woods which offer paler colors such as ash and beech can create a warming and inviting atmosphere, for a more contemporary and dramatic effect dark woods such as dark oak and rowan are very striking. Don’t forget the interior wood shutters. These give a country styled appearance to a home and kitchen. They may be painted in any color that one desires.

Wood, for example, is warm and rich and works well in home offices. Deciding on what type of blind to use in each room can be done with your own creativity or you can hire an interior designer who can offer more helpful advice.

Wood blinds can be cleaned with a cleaner suited for wood surfaces. Use water sparingly, however, as you don’t want to damage the wood. Wood shutters are charming and substantial; those that cover only the bottom half of the window protect privacy but let in light, so you’ll want to add roller shades or Roman shades on top. Gathered Roman shades, handsome even in simple canvas, look wonderful in a circus stripe. Shades are similar to blinds, but instead of slats, they consist of fabric.

Choosing the right kind of window treatment for your home can get very overwhelming and confusing. You should work from the design style in the room you are decorating and choose a treatment that complements the design. Since most curtains and drapes are simply vertical in design; these can work in any décor. You just have to choose a color that fits and that is done by finding the predominant color and matching it (if there is not a lot of this color) or complementing it to avoid oversaturating the predominant color.

A fabric store is the best place to start; so bring a sample of the predominant color with you.

Source by H John Johnsen