When we think of the Kama Sutra, automatically begin to think in different sexual positions, often seen in books on tantra, but is that all this ancient writing is about or something else that confuses the eye with this text?

A Complete Value Guide

Now, The Kama Sutra was designed not only as a guide to better sex life, but as a way to bring two people closer than ever. The ideology behind the Kama Sutra, describes some of the best modern lessons on how to increase the amount of love and relationship between you and your partner.

The lessons of sex are only a small fraction of the teachings in the Kama Sutra. It was originally written as a way to bring two people together in a marriage arranged for them to connect them, mainly to make life easier in the rest of the family.

The pleasant side of the Kama Sutra

Now, I do not want to be here and say that sex is a big part of the Kama Sutra, because she and several techniques have been used successfully to increase the level of love and connection in relationships. What are some of the best position to implement?

The embrace of thighs

It sounds a bit perverse is it not? This is one of the lovers push hard on one or both legs of her lover between her thighs. Of course, you may already through the front position in the room. This particular position is one of four “which covers the positions described in the Kama Sutra and is used to create better understanding about the woman’s vagina.

Laying positions of Kama Sutra

Another group of positions in the Kama Sutra, are lying positions including the fully open position, the position of yawning and the position of women Indrani.

The first position requires the woman to his bow back and head down. The second requires women to lift their legs and the third is when the woman places her thighs with her legs folded them on the sides.

Of course, this is only a fraction of the number of sexual positions described in the Kama Sutra and it would take many years perfecting all, so you better run!

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