Whether we listen to the radio, watch the TV, read the newspapers or get our news online we are bombarded by thoughts that we, or those close to us, will be losing our jobs and find difficulty making ends meet. We are all looking for ways of reducing our spending. This needs careful thought when it comes to make up. Here are some tips.

I. Maintain your look

For your own confidence and to continue to be positive and inspirational to those around you it is important that you continue to work on your appearance and are as positive as you can be. Research shows us that women who wear makeup look younger, earn more and get promoted more quickly. Unfortunately you might need to substitute ‘maintain your job’ rather than ‘get promoted more quickly’, but you  can’t afford to look as if you don’t care about yourself.

2. Ensure your makeup palette suits your colouring

Stick to buying makeup that you are sure suits your own colouring. Do not be swayed by ‘can’t resist’ offers at the makeup counter in your local store. Finding out, by taking a makeup consultation with your image consultant, what make up suits you will ensure that you save money not just now but in the future. This is true economy. Buying the wrong make-up and then not being able to use it because you know some-how that it is wrong often happens. For example using a cool blusher when you have a warm skin tone can just make you look drained and tired.

3. Quality products

For the most successful results invest in the correct make up tools, keep them in good condition and they will not only ensure you get a great look with your make up but they will turn out to be an economic option in the long term.

4. Cleansing products.

Don’t cut these out entirely; you will only be storing up problems for your skin for the future. Continue to be vigilant in cleansing, toning and moisturising. Do take time to compare ingredients and be sure you get quality at the best price.

5. Face shape

Find out your face shape. By taking advice, from an image consultant on how to apply make-up to suit both face shape and proportions you are very likely to find you can reduce the number of make- up products you use. You will also know that the make- up recommended really complements you. In addition you will be able to make informed choices about hair-style, spectacles and earrings and this can save you more costly mistakes.

6. Make-up lesson

In tough times it is always wise to invest in yourself. Take a makeup lesson. An image consultant is well placed for this as you can be sure that the advice you are given will be from a qualified professional. Image Consultants are trained to give this advice as part of the consideration of your overall image and the total impression that you give.

Book an appointment to find out how sorting out your make-up can benefit you in these tough times. You’ll learn what you really need, which can save you a lot of money. By having greater confidence and a more positive outlook on life you will also be an inspiration to those around you. This will help you all to rise above the gloom.

Source by Janet Major