Question: Should you call the guy or wait until he calls you?

Answer: Call him. You have nothing to loose. You remember the confidence issue? Single men love women with confidence. If he is into you, then he will be highly impressed you called him. 

Question: Maybe he is not calling because he changed his mind. Or maybe he does not want to go out with you.

Answer: That might be true, however, you don’t care. Call him if YOU want to go out with him. My matchmaking service always states that a woman should call the man if you really want to go out with him.  He gave you his number and there is a 98 percent chance he does want to go out with you. Play the odds. 

Question:  How long should I wait to hear from him before I call him?

Answer:  If he is going to call you, he will do so in the first 24-48 hours. If not, he most likely won’t call you.  A mature single man looking for a relationship will call you within 2 days if he is interested.  If you don’t want to wait and you are impatient, then there is nothing wrong with picking up the phone and calling him. 

Question: Now that he called me, what is he looking for during this first conversation?

Answer:  He is looking for excitement from you. This is key. Ladies, please pay close attention. He can still change his mind if the thinks you are just going through the motions with him.  Don’t take your bad day out on him when he calls. If you have to put on a little acting, do it and put on your happy face. 

Question: What else is he looking from me now that we are on the phone?

Answer:  He is looking for your phone voice.  Please don’t be slutty or sound cheap. Even if you both met, the tone of your voice on the phone goes a long way in either exciting him or turning him off.  Sounding like a phone sex voice- slutty or sounding like a truck driver-cheap will turn him off.

 Question: What about his phone voice, what can I tell from that?

Answer: If you haven’t met him before, don’t judge him by his voice. He might be tall, dark and handsome but have a nasally voice, which might scare you away. Don’t let it.That’s just the way he speaks and sounds on the phone.  In real life, it might not sound nasally at all. 

That’s for this matchmaking tips for women- the first phone call.  Your homework assignment for this week is to speak with 6 men on the phone that you have met and have exchanged numbers but never spoke on the phone with. Call them and begin a conversation. Email me your responses. 

Best, Janis.

Source by Janis Spindel