If you have never heard of Diet Bug before, you aren’t alone.  Diet Bug is the #1 free weight loss program for women.  They are the fastest growing diet site, and they have over 100,000 new members.  The site is for women only.  There are absolutely no men allowed.  Diet Bug offers the same tools and information that other more expensive programs offer, but they offer it for FREE!

Diet Bug is a free weight loss program for women design specifically for women.  It is designed to support, motivate, and educate women on how they can lose weight easily.  The Diet Bug System will solve your weight loss problems and is designed for all women, no matter how much weight you need to lose.  The system will help you understand where you are in your weight loss journey, and it will teach you lose to effectively lose weight in the safest and healthiest way possible.

With the over 100,000 new members, and all the other members and resident experts, Diet bug creates an excellent online weight loss community.  There are numerous women on the site that are either in the same situation as you or have been in the same situation as you.  With this many members, it will be easy to find some you can relate to, and most importantly, find someone to help you and motivate you in your weight loss journey. There are also plenty of weight loss experts available to help provide guidance and get you on the right track to losing weight.

Diet Bug has a great amount of tools to help you lose weight, and they are constantly adding more.  A new feature that they have added is the Daily Motivator.  This desktop application will keep you up to date with the latest news and information from Diet Bug.

Diet Bug also offers workouts that are designed to maximize your fat loss with instructional videos that can be done in the comfort of your own home.  They have Get Moving Plans that show you how to burn more calories and fat doing every day activities.  The Daily Meal Plans have a menu generator and food journal.  You can add custom foods and meals to your plan.  The plan does all the counting for you, calories, fat, and everything else, so you can concentrate on the other aspects of your weight loss.  You can also get daily guidance from a registered dietitian.

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