A very important part of making your relationship work will be understanding the man’s point of view.  In order to make your partner happy you must first determine what it is that he really wants. Relationship advice for women should focus on learning the behavior of men in general, and this particular man, who has made a commitment.  As you live together, you will start to “learn” your man over time, and find out what makes him tick.  Can you generalize what all men want? 

While it’s true that millions of different men do have very different personalities (based on genetics and upbringing) you can safely start with a foundation of man-logic.  From there, build upon that foundation with your own personal observations about Mr. Right.  Let’s start this relationship advice for women with some of the most basic qualities that men, and all human beings, crave in a partner.

First and foremost, your man desires loyalty.  He wants it from you, and if you picked a winner, he is willing to be loyal to you.  This is not just a matter of physical fidelity, but also involves a deeper sense of trust.  A man who trusts you would never expect you to disrespect him, to scheme against him, or to laugh off a deep, dark secret.  Loyalty is about being there for your partner, even when times get difficult.  In sickness, in health, in rich times and poor times.

The second quality to learn in relationship advice for women, is that of a emotional support.  Even when men grow up they still miss the nurturing care their mothers once gave them.  Understanding this, you should be anxious to run to your man’s support.  Assuming your man has good intentions overall, do you stand by his decisions?  Do you forgive him and accept his flaws?  If you show yourself to be sympathetic then he will treasure your company.  If you show appreciation for his efforts, it will dawn on him that he has a precious gem in his life. 

The final tip in relationship advice for women is that your man wants happiness.  That’s a fairly simple thing to ask for, and yet you might be surprised at how many relationships are built on qualities other than mutual happiness.  Your man wants you because he wants to make you happy and because you make him happy.  So always try to have fun and joy in your day-to-day relationship.  Always put positive energy into a relationship and take time to smile at each other.

Source by Anna Karimo