Do you have problems with your relationship? Break up? Rebound relationship?

Here are some specific steps to take when your ex is in a rebound relationship.

When you ex starts going out with someone just after you break up, she’s in a rebound relationship.  Problems in relationship occur because each person is concentrating on what is missing in the other person- Wayne Dyer.

If she’s in a rebound relationship, she will be focusing on what is wrong with your relationship.  If you were a “good guy” she’ll probably be hanging out with a “bad boy.”  If you were into philosophy, he’ll be watching Monday Night Football.  Or, vice versa.

The fact that she is actually focusing on the differences in your styles is actually good for you for two reasons.  Her attention is still focused on you even when she’s with the new guy.  And, it gives you a chance to see what she’s looking for.

If she’s with someone as different from you as possible, it means that she was missing something in your relationship.  You can use the time she’s with rebound man to improve yourself.

Let the rebound relationship run its course.  Because, as she spends time with the new guy, she’ll start to see the flaws in him.  After a month or so with rebound man, you’ll start to look pretty good.

That’s why you don’t want to crawl back to her right away.  Let her develop the idea that she misses the good things in the relationship.  When she’s ready to make a move, be magnanimous.  Welcome her back graciously.  Be a new and improved boyfriend, but don’t do the chasing.

Tips for you:

–              Don’t try to convince her that you are the love of her life.  Let her discover this on her own.

–              Don’t apologize profusely.  If you did something wrong, you can say you’re sorry.  Once.  But move on.  She knows the real reason she loves you.

–              Don’t make promises to change.  You are who you are and that’s who she fell in love with.

–              Never, ever beg her to take you back.

–              Don’t try to make her see that it wasn’t your fault.  She will come to appreciate that over time – but only if you haven’t made her invest energy in defending her position that it was your fault.

The rebound relationship is a sign that she’s still in love with you. You can make up with her and get back together.  Don’t despair. Fortune and love favor the brave- Ovid.

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Source by Vida C.