Summer weddings can be some of the most beautiful, especially if they are held outdoors. But they can also be the chance for feeling uncomfortable if you have not selected the right choice of a summer wedding dress. Hot, humid weather should definitely be part of your decision making process when shopping for summer wedding dress. There are many beautiful and stylish options for summer wedding dresses to make your special day perfect.

Styles of Summer Wedding Dresses

The design of summer wedding dresses typically offer strapless designs, spaghetti strap choices, halter styles and short sleeve options. However, you should be careful to ensure the overall weight of the dress won’t overheat you. The type of fabric, skirt and decorative details all combine to suddenly add much more weight- and much more heat at a time when you least need it.

You should not let the weather of your day force you in to a short dress that you really did not want. There are certainly many in-store options for trendy gowns with lightweight, long skirts. Another option is to have a full length gown tailored to be knee length.

A ball gown style dress is also a possibility depending on the fabric you select. Summer wedding dresses made from silks and satins will feel very heavy and clingy to your skin after a short time and would be uncomfortable for an entire evening. A skirt made of synthetic fabrics that is light weight and made to simulate satin can be a great selection.

Decorative Accents

You should be careful to select fabrics that are typically much cooler to wear when choosing from a collection of summer wedding dresses. Beading or other ornate details on your gown may feel great in an air conditioned salon, but you might not feel the same standing at the altar of your outdoor wedding or even while posing for outdoor photos. A skirt being made of light, flowing material such as organza or tulle paired with a bodice of beading could be a way to combine ornate styling with comfort.

If your wedding venue is in a location with hot days that lead to cool evenings, a bride should be prepared with a few options. Many summer wedding dresses have accessories such as a matching wrap or a fitted jacket.

The Things to Remember

When selecting from any of the many summer wedding dresses available, you should consider what may add to any potential discomfort. For example, selecting a gown that requires additional under skirting or even hoop skirts could be extra weight you were not planning on. Many styles are constructed well and do not require any additional under skirting so you may want to reconsider your dress choice to avoid unexpected issues.

As you are shopping for summer wedding dresses, it is important to think about your venue and your photography plans. The potential of a hot day could make your discomfort level visible enough for your guests to see and for you to remember when you look at your wedding photos. Two summer wedding dresses might be the perfect solution which will allow you to wear the ornate ball gown you have always dreamed of as you say your vows and a comfortable, cool dress for your reception.

Source by Karen Lincoln