Keeping a marriage needs a lot of work and it is important to spice up your marriage to avoid boredom. The familiarities with each other sometimes kill the romance and excitement of the relationship which should not be the case.  Keeping your marriage exciting is important to maintain the fire in your marriage.

Here are some tips in keeping your marriage exciting:

Do not stop dating. Dating is not only for singles but it is also for married people. Most couples stop dating once they got married and this is a mistake you should avoid. Going out on dates is important in keeping your marriage exciting. Go out to bond with each other and have some fun.

Find common hobbies. You can bring excitement in your marriage if you have common hobbies or activities that you can do together. If you both like photography, then join a photography club that will allow you to travel and photo shoot together. Keeping your marriage exciting is easy if you can enjoy the same hobbies together. Doing things together will strengthen your marriage.

Surprise your spouse. You do not have to wait for a special occasion to give gifts and surprises to your spouse. There is nothing wrong to be generous and express your undying love by giving gifts to your spouse.

Laugh together. Sense of humor is important in keeping your marriage exciting. Don’t be too serious. Learn to share some jokes and laugh with your spouse.  It feels good to laugh together and it can make you closer to each other.

Great sex. Sex is an important part of marriage that you both should enjoy. Be open with each other and do not be afraid to explore new ideas to make your lovemaking exciting. Great lovemaking is the best way to connect with each other physically and emotionally.

Successful marriages don’t just happen; it involves a lot of work and dedication. If the marriage becomes a routine, you may wake up one day feeling bored with your marriage. Boredom could be a dangerous thing in a marriage and you should avoid it from happening. Keeping your marriage exciting will prevent boredom in your relationship.

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Source by Gerry Restrivera