Woman who get pregnant accidentally no doubt think that it’s easy to get pregnant, but for couples who desire to have children often times it’s a struggle. Here are some real tips that you can use to help you get pregnant.

1. Learn your menstrual cycle. It’s amazing how many women who want to have children never take the time to learn about their monthly cycle and when they are most likely to conceive. If you have not  done so already search online for a ovulation calculator and find out when the best days are for you to try and conceive.

2. Get rid of your husband’s “tighty whiteys” This is a serious issue that almost all doctors will tell you to look at when a couple is having trouble getting pregnant. The male scrotum is designed for one purpose: to regulate the temperature of the testes. You don’t think they be hanging out there exposed to danger if they didn’t need to be do you? Tight fitting underwear like jockey shorts trap body heat that can be deadly to sperm cells.

3. Have sex in the morning.  Apparently sperm cells are more morning folks. Studies have shown that they are much more energetic and more likely to make their way to the uterus first thing in the morning. Talk about a reason to get up each day.

4. Take your vitamins. Vitamins are not just for after you’ve become pregnant. Folic acid is known to be needed for proper baby development but some woman forget that in order to conceive in the first place your body needs to be as healthy as possible. So start taking those vitamins now.

5. Make your husband take his vitamins. Hello. Not only does your body need to be in good health but so does your husband’s. Vitamin C is helpful for sperm mobility and you definitely need those swimmers to be a strong as possible. Besides, he might need to have some stamina if this turns into a  long term project.

6. Relax. The human body has an amazingly negative reaction to stress. Overstress yourself and entire systems in your body can all but shut down. Since your body wants to stay alive first and foremost, stress may cause secondary systems in your body like your reproductive system to be put on hold. We’ve all read about female athletes whose monthly cycle has stopped during intense periods of training.

7. Get plenty of sleep. Like stress, lack of sleep can also cause your body systems to shut down. In rare cases people have been known to die due to lack of sleep. If not sleeping is enough to stop your heart it certainly will have a negative effect on your ability to get pregnant.

8. Have regular intercourse. Couples that have sex every other day are almost guaranteed to be having sex during one of the woman’s most fertile days. Regular sex also reduces stress and aids in your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

9. Exercise and eat right. I could have made them two separate issues but I need room for one more. This all falls back onto the idea that your overall health is critical to your ability to get pregnant. Women who want to get pregnant, should always be getting at least some regular mild exercise and eating as much healthy food as they can stand.

10. Avoid excessive coffee and smoking. Always prescribed for women who are already pregnant; stopping smoking now and reducing your daily coffee intake prior to conceiving increases the chances that you’ll get pregnant.

Source by Michele Olewiler