Do you love traveling but don’t think a full size motor home is right for you? Then small travel trailers might be right for you. The small size makes them easy to tow, easy to use, and a great weekend getaway.

Travel Trailers are Perfect for Couples
Who says that once your kids leave you have to have empty nest syndrome? Once the kids are gone, you can pack up your small RV and hit the road. No need to stay in expensive hotel rooms. No need to pack up several tents and load up with sodas. When it is just the two of you, you can jump in your trailer and take off.

Size Does Make a Difference
When you are pulling a lightweight trailer, all you need is a small truck or SUV. You hook it up to the trailer hitch and drive away. Since it is so lightweight and usually only ten feet long, maneuvering is a synch. Not to mention, the smaller trailers are aerodynamic making them good on gas mileage as well.

No Hotel Needed
Although small, these small trailers are perfect for traveling in style. Wherever you go, you take your own bed, kitchen, bathroom and entertainment with you. No more wondering how clean a hotel is or looking for a clean bathroom. You always know that you have a clean place right behind your truck.

Travel trailers come with air conditioning, heating, bathroom, shower, refrigerator and slide out rooms. It is like taking your mini house with you wherever you go. Not to mention, you can find good campsites anywhere you want to go. While you might  need to make camping reservations during busy seasons, most of the time you can just show up and camp.

Short Trips, Long Trips, the Travel Trailer is Ready
You might think that you have to stay local since your trailer doesn’t have much room for supplies. However, you can pull up to a local Wal-Mart and restock at any time. Once you reach your campsite, you can unhitch and drive off in your car to purchase more supplies.

If you are gone for extended times, then you can easily unhitch and drive to a laundry mat. Your trailer will be waiting safely back at your campsite while you tour the city or get errands done.

Travel trailers can turn empty nest syndrome into fun filled vacation getaways. They are just the right size for two people to travel in full comfort.

Source by Genius Monkey