Every bride sets out to make her wedding a dream day to remember. Along the way, she will encounter thousands of ideas, articles, suggestions, and tips from friends, family, and the media. It can be a huge amount of information to sort through, and some of the ideas are definitely better than others. To help you out, here is a list of wedding good ideas / bad ideas,so you will know which advice to heed and what suggestions to discard immediately.

Good idea: Personalizing your wedding. It is your wedding day; it should really reflect who you are! There are countless ways to achieve this goal, whether you decide to carry a bouquet in your college wedding colors, dress your attendants in Lilly Pulitzer shifts with pearl bridal jewelry, make a groom’s cake in the shape of golf clubs, or walk your dog down the aisle. Anything that makes your wedding more uniquely your own is wonderful.

Bad idea: Hopping on board every wedding trend you see in a magazine. Sure one shoulder gowns are hot this season, but do they suit your personal style? And does anyone really want to attend yet another Tiffany blue wedding this year? Personally, I am even ready to see the cupcake tower retired for a few years. On the one hand, you want your wedding to look stylish and up-to-date, but on the other hand, faithfully following every trend will rob your wedding of any individuality. Be selective, and mix hot trends with your own unique ideas.

Good idea: Honoring family traditions in your wedding. It is truly beautiful when a bride wears her mother’s wedding gown or pearl bridal jewelry, dances to the same first song that her parents did, or uses her grandparents’ cake topper. Other ideas include displaying family photographs, serving your family’s favorite recipes, and replicating a special bouquet. All of these things will add depth and meaning to your wedding.

Bad idea: Trying to make your (imperfect) family fit into the mold of the ideal family because you think it will look better for the wedding. This is most likely to happen when the bride’s parents are divorced. You can’t unring that bell, and no one is going to think your wedding is a failure because your parents do not sit together at the marriage service or take a ceremonial first spin around the dance floor. And trying to push step-parents out of the picture (sometimes literally) will only lead to hard feelings. You cannot force your divorced parents to maintain the fiction that they are happily married for the sake of your wedding; all you can do is make the best of your family the way it is in reality.

Good idea: Having a destination wedding as a way to keep it intimate. Hosting your wedding in a far flung locale is a tried and true method of trimming all of the second cousins, random co-workers, and your dad’s golf buddies off of your guest list without hurting any feelings. You will be spared the expense of throwing an enormous wedding, and even better, you will have the joy of being married in an intimate setting surrounded only by your nearest and dearest.

Bad idea: Trying to cut wedding expenses at the expense of your guests. If you invite them, you are required to graciously feed them, serve them drinks, and generally see that your guests have a pleasant time at your ceremony and reception. There is no requirement that a wedding be lavish, but it is no fair to cut costs through such inhospitable measures as a cash bar or serving only a few appetizers during a dinner time reception. Invite only as many people as you can graciously host.

There are certainly many more wedding ideas that you will encounter as you plan your special day. Just keep in mind that not all advice is right for you, no matter what the source. With this in mind, you will find it much easier to plan a wedding that is perfect for the two of you, as well as for all of your friends and family.

Source by Michelle Lindsey