August can be a beautiful time of year to get married. The hubbub of the June and July brides has passed and you can enjoy a nice quiet ceremony and reception. August is also getting closer to fall so you can take advantage of the summer weather and some of the influences of fall as well.

While summer colors are bold and bright, your August invitations can also hint at some rich fall tones. Pick jewel tones with an earthy brown for an elegant look. You might want to pick designs in florals and leaf patterns for your August wedding. Your wedding invitations will be delivered to your guests in June and July, skip the summer look and opt for something different to make your invitations stand out.

There are no major holidays in the month of August, so you don’t have to worry about planning around a holiday. However, many families plan vacations for the month of August, while the kids are still on summer vacation. Get your save the dates and wedding invitations in the mail early before your guests make other plans.

Ceremony and reception
August is still a great time for an outdoor ceremony and reception. Just keep in mind that the mid-day sun can be a little too warm for some guests. Have umbrellas and stands handy for shade. And some indoor space is never wasted as some will want to get out of the elements all together. Make sure you take advantage of the warm weather that lasts well past sundown. Your August reception can last well into the evening as the nights can stay warm well into the later part of the month. Don’t forget to note your outdoor plans in your wedding invitation so guests can come prepared.

Your August wedding can include elements from summer and from fall. Add poached pears to the salad for a warm autumn feeling. Choose one chilled entrée and one hot to satisfy both summer and fall palates. Your caterer will know what is fresh and seasonal for your wedding date.

Keep your bar stocked with both red and white wines and plenty of water. For your signature cocktail look to fall fruits for inspiration – a cranberry martini or apple martini can be a perfect compliment to your late summer menu.

Since it is still summer, you have many choices when it comes to flowers for your bouquet, centerpieces and ceremony and reception décor. Specific flowers in bloom in August include many colorful choices like Daisy Mums, Gerbera Daisies, Roses and Calla Lilies. Pick your favorite looks and colors to make your flowers like you’ve dreamed of. There may be some flowers that are more readily available in your area. You can save yourself some money by choosing local blooms. Check with your florist for the best advice.

Make the most of your August wedding with the freshest seasonal foods, blooms and colors. August is the prefect time to combine the best of summer and of autumn and make your ceremony and reception unique.

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Source by Amy Carter