Choosing a wedding reception favor is an important decision because it’s responsible for creating a lasting impression of your wedding. Here are some favor ideas you can use to wow your guests.

1. Wedding Reception Favor Ideas for Out-of-Town Weddings

If you’re having a wedding outside your hometown, you can give away a token that will remind your guests not only of the event itself but also the place where the wedding was held. It can be a typical souvenir or something entirely unique and which would necessitate a brief explanation or story about its significance.

2. Religious Wedding Reception Favor Ideas

If you want to focus on the sacrament of matrimony, here are several things you may want to give away: anything cross-shaped, a miniature rosary or rosary bracelet, a specially published prayer book, or a tiny religious icon.

3. Beach Wedding Reception Favor Ideas

Favors for this type of wedding reception must always be reminiscent of eternal blue skies, fine sand, and crystal clear water. It can be specially made hourglasses containing authentic sand from the beach venue, anything made of native seashells, or frames containing pre-taken photographs of the guests at the venue.

4. Romantic Wedding Reception Favor Ideas

Anything “his and hers” will definitely qualify under this category. In fact, anything under the sun could be slotted here just as long as the newlyweds relay the cute story behind the favors on an attached note. Miniature wedding ring replicas, Cupid’s bow to resemble true love, and pressed flowers are good choices for romantic wedding reception favors.

5. Elegant Wedding Reception Favor Ideas

Elegant favors are impersonal in nature but they definitely have the oomph factor. They need not be expensive but most usually are. Keep in mind that ostentatious is not elegant so don’t go overboard on the expenses. Miniature gold-plated pens with engraved details about the wedding are common. Well-crafted brooches, money clips, and cuff links are all good choices as well.

Source by Albert Lee