Wedding table decoration is one of the most important parts of a marriage ceremony. To remember the special wedding occasion, wedding table should be properly arranged. It is the center of attraction of all the guests, friends, relatives and family members in a party. When the religious marriage ceremony are completed the members of the party moves towards the table to enjoy the pleasant-tasting food. The décor of the wedding table is the most important thing which creates an environment to taste the pleasant-tasting food. So wedding table decoration plays a vital role in wedding ceremony.

To make more interesting to a party we need table with a good and attractive table cloth. It will be better if we choose a good table cloth which will match with the table. Then you have to decide how to decorate the wedding table that will attract the guests. At the time of decoration you have to keep on mind some important tips which will help you to decorate a attractive wedding table. The tips are

Keep Beautiful Candles Exude the Feel of Wedding Day Romance

Keep Wedding Bells and Hearts on the wedding table

Keep Floral Centerpieces


Sprinkles are very cheap. so addition of lightly sprinkled items is a convenient way to decorate a wedding table. It can be combined with centerpieces or used on their own for more simple designs. The Popular items which are used in sprinkle on tables include:

  • Glitter or confetti that matches the wedding colors
  • Rose petals or other flower petals
  • Autumn leaves for a fall wedding
  • Faux ice cubes for a winter wedding
  • Glass beads or rocks
  • Mini rose buds
  • Small sea shells


  • Candle centerpieces or tea lights as centerpiece accents
  • Floating candles or candles on mirrors to reflect the light
  • Twinkle lights strung along the sides of the table and wrapped in tulle or lace
  • Rope lights along the edges of the table


Fruit centerpieces are colorful, tasty, and fun.

Centerpieces are the most common way to decorate tables at weddings, but a centerpiece can be more than just a pretty bouquet of flowers. Try these centerpiece ideas for unique and beautiful decorations.

  • Alternate short and tall centerpieces to provide layers of decorations
  • Incorporate the bridesmaids’ bouquets and bridal bouquet as part of the centerpieces to save money
  • Use unusual items such as autumn leaves, ice sculptures, mirrors, or picture frames as part of distinctive centerpieces
  • Create breakaway centerpieces that can double as wedding favors

Create edible centerpieces for tasty decorations, such as carved vegetables, a fruit bowl, and salt water

At the time of wedding table decoration we have to avoid some some things. It is easy to go overboard with table decorations, and couples must remember that many times the simple approach is elegant and beautiful (as well as more economical). Other things to avoid include:

  • Crowded place settings that can be difficult for guests to enjoy their meals
  • Tables with too many guests seated at them
  • Centerpieces that are too large and block conversation

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