What are healthy eating habits?  Eating habits define how, when and what types of foods we eat.  Healthy eating habits incorporate proper nutrition that feed your body the right combination of macronutrients; one that incorporates low fat and high quality proteins.  Healthy eating habits can help prevent disease and obesity as we get older.

Why do we need nutrition?  Nutrition is needed to supply our bodies with life sustaining nutrients.  First we take in the food that contains the nutrients.  Then your body begins to break down the food.  Lastly the body sends the nutrients through the bloodstream to all of the various tissues that need them.  Since it is through nutrition that we supply our bodies with life-sustaining nutrients it makes sense that those nutrients should be from healthy foods.

How do healthy eating habits benefit us?  Developing sound nutritional practices, especially at a young age will help you grow and it improves your concentration.  Eating the right foods helps prevent illness and childhood diseases.  It can also prevent developing health problems as an adult as well.  

How to eat healthy food?  Here are some simple guidelines to follow:

1.  Eat a variety of whole grains daily

2.  Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables daily

3.  Eat healthy fats (monounsaturated) and avoid foods with saturated fat

4.  Consume beverages that contain less sugar than other brands.

5.  Reduce the amount of sodium (salt) in your diet.  

If you follow these simple guidelines you will be eating better than you are now and you will be providing your body with much needed nutrients that will keep you healthy for a long time to come.

Source by Peter Harris